Rabbit Humidifier
Rabbit Humidifier
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Rabbit Humidifier

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Humidifiers our moisture back into the air. The abundance of colds in the winter season is due more to the dry air indoors, where airborne viruses thrive than the cold weather. 

Dry air may cause nose and eyes irritation in otherwise healthy people. If you have asthma or or respiratory illness, dry air may makes it worse. 

Humidifiers are devices that emit water mist to help keep the air in the room moist. When air is dry, a baby or young child may experience dry, irritated skin and chapped lips. It may also aggravate eczema and other chronic skin conditions. 

Rabbit humidifier is USB operated. It is great to put in any rooms in the house, specially baby or young child room. It’s great to put on your office table to keep your skin hydrated and better health. Definitely a great gift idea for new born and baby shower. 

Approximately 68x76x128mm, 170ml capacity  

Continuous spray mode up to 4hrs 

1x Rabbit Humidifier USB operated only 

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