About Us

Love Me Candle is a small home based business. It was created in Epping, Victoria 3076, Australia by Vivian Wong.

I am a staying at home mum with 3 gorgeous kids. I started candle making as a hobby because I love beautiful, sweet and refreshing fragrance filling up my entire house at all time. I always enjoy making and giving away my hand poured candles to family and friends as gift. They all love it so much and I get lots of supports and interests from my family and friends. Soon I get to received orders. Then I start selling my candles so they could enjoy quality and luxury soy candles at affordable price. This is how Love Me Candle was born in 2014. Every candles are hand poured and labeled by myself. Each of them are uniquely handmade with love. The materials I used are sourced within Australia. All candles are made with natural soy wax, lead free cotton wicks, only used high quality fragrance oils and glassware. I love what I am doing and hope you all love it too. Please enjoy all my handmade, support Australian handmade and small business mum!

Thank you for your support! Vivian xx

Handmade in Melbourne, Australia.