Fluorite Point FP05
Fluorite Point FP05
Fluorite Point FP05
Fluorite Point FP05
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Fluorite Point FP05

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Approximately 79mm (H)

  • Fluorite is highly protective, especially on phychic level
  • Clenses and stabilises the aura
  • Draws off negative energies and stress of all kinds
  • Cleanses, purifies, dispels and recognises anything within the body that is not in perfect order
  • Best crystal to use to overcome any form of disorganisaiton
  •  It promotes unbiased impartially and heightens intuitive powers; makes you more aware of higher spiritual realities and can quicken spiritual awakening and focuses the mind and links into the universal mind
  • It helps you to absorb new information and promotes quick thinking 

1x Fluorite Point as per the following photos. Other accessories not included. 

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