Love Me Ultrasonic Diffuser Fragrance Oil - 30ml
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Love Me Ultrasonic Diffuser Fragrance Oil - 30ml

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Here in Love Me Candle we only use high quality fragrance oils. Our Love Me Ultrasonic Diffuser Fragrances are highly concentrated. You only need little bit for your Ultrasonic Diffuser to fragrance your room. A little goes a long way. Use only 5-10drops each time depending on the area of the room. This also can be use for our car diffusers. Put more drops on the pad to begin with and top us as needed. 

The bottle comes with child resistant temper evident dripolater lid. This fragrance oil is highly concentrated and can cause damage to some surfaces. Be sure to clean any spillage immediately. Please keep this in a cool safe place and away from children and pet. 

1x 30ml Ultrasonic Diffuser Fragrance Oil Only

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